Petrified Wood Gallery

Howard & Harvey Kenfield’s Story Set in Stone

A Story Set in Stone

The charming folk art of the Kenfield brothers. Ninety-three-year-old twin brothers Howard and Harvey Kenfield have been avid collectors of fossils, arrowheads, and petrified wood since the 1950s. For 50 years, the twins created intricate sculptures out of petrified wood that are all on display at their gallery in Ogallala. These soft-spoken twins will charm you and their art will wow you.


The Petrified Wood Gallery is a showcase of natural history specializing in ancient woods and fossils from around the world plus Native American arrowheads and artifacts — many from within 25 miles of Ogallala.NE. The collection is a result of the efforts of brothers Howard and Harvey Kenfield who began collecting in the 1950’s.

In 2000, the Kenfield’s donated their collection for display in their hometown, Ogallala. The collection would be available for the benefit of the general public. In 2007, the Friends of the Kenfield Gallery received designation as a 501(c)(3) organization. …review

Guests to the Gallery will also see the artwork of visiting artists and “on-loan” exhibits from other collectors.

Guests from all over the globe are greeted by volunteers from the Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP). In addition to multiple locations throughout Ogallala and Keith County, these dedicated members of the community serve as cashiers and hosts at the Gallery.

Use exit 126, Interstate 80 then north 2 miles to 418 East 1st Street. Conveniently located across the street south of Ogallala’s famed Front Street.

What Our Visitors have said about us

  • if you are driving to Colorado or visiting Lake Mac, this is the place you need to visit. And if you have kids, you don't want to miss this place. It would blow your expectations. I did not expect to visit a place like this in the middle of nowhere. A gentleman who was volunteering that day know a lot about the museum and have a love for it. They would take their time to show you around and explain. I have felt like I am more wiser after i have visited that place (not kidding). Tried to take some nice pictures, but they are more beautiful in the real life.

  • I took my very first trip to Nebraska over the holidays and one of my stops included visiting the Petrified Wood Gallery in Ogallala, NE. For me this was an incredible visit. I had never seen so many different types of Petrified Wood from all over the world. I got to meet and tour with Harvey and Howard Kenfield, and it only enhanced the experience. They have so much knowledge and talent when it comes to the work shown in the gallery. Featured in the gallery were some carefully crafted designs by the twins themselves as well as collections from local artists and petrified wood from all over the world. I HIGHLY recommend making this a MUST SEE when staying in Ogallala or even just passing through Nebraska on Route 80.

  • If you are passing through or in town to visit the lake go visit this sweet little place. The brothers are very nice and so proud (as they should be) of this establishment and what they have created. A lot of interesting things to see and a nice piece of preserved history. Donations are highly appreciated and I would recommend as this is a non-profit that runs with the help of volunteers and donations.

  • This place was recommended.... I thought, "Okay, sure, it's close by and I'm sure air conditioned." So we went and it is nothing short of amazing. I even bought affordable stone jewelry pieces! Plus the gentlemen that started it and run it are true & genuine good people! You gotta make a stop!

  • We stopped here on a road trip that took us through Nebraska, and I wasn't sure what to expect. The gallery is also a museum, and there is TONS to see. It's free to enter, and sometimes the artists might stop in while you're there! There are huge varieties of petrified wood, various species in various forms, plus art made from the petrified wood and sandstone. There is also a whole section of arrow heads and other ancient tools, I've never seen a collection so big! Aside from the arrowheads and petrified wood, there are also displays with fossils and precious stones! More than a few of the finds in the gallery are local as well! The ladies working the gallery are all volunteers and very kind and passionate about their little town. Definitely worth a stop.

  • This is a must-see! Awesome collection of petrified wood, gems, fossils, Native American artifacts collected nearby, and art. Completely free and they have clean restrooms. They do ask you to sign in and you are free to make a donation (though there is no pressure to do so). Great gift shop, too.

  • An amazing place. Don't be fooled by the town or the outside appearance of the gallery and museum. Owned by two wonderful brothers with stories to share and amazing works of art. We thought be would walk in and walk out but we stayed well over an hour and wished we could have stayed longer. A place not to be missed.

  • The Petrified Wood Gallery (and Art Museum) is truly a gem. The main focus is the petrified wood, but the interests of the brothers obviously extend to rocks and gemstones. There is some great art in the gallery as well. We had an opportunity to extend our stay due to weather and thankfully we found this treasure. The caretakers of the museum are great and will joyfully transfer their knowledge to you. That alone is fantastic. The Gallery takes the cue from them and finishes with great flourish.

    I can't say enough about our visit to this special place. The two brothers, who founded this Gallery, have very capable hands working with them. It is wonderful to have sharing of knowledge and possessions for enjoyment and appreciation. You have to see the artwork of the two brothers as well. Thanks so much for your legacy of a lifetime of work.

  • Stop in spontaneously because we saw the sign off the highway and had time. What a treat. The owners were both there twin brothers who were so proud and should be. We spent an hour and half and wish we had more time. Beautiful art like you’ve never seen made by the brothers who now share it with everyone. Take some time and stop it’s worth it.

  • Whoever said there was nothing but corn in Nebraska was CRAY CRAY!! (Crazy) This place is SO awesome. I am 23 and hate art and museums and love gift shops but this place was SO COOL! There is a billboard on I-80, which is how we found it, and it is right off the freeway, close to a gas station and food and everything. Super easy to get in an out. The sculptures are SO AMAZING! They look like miniatures. My boyfriend and I were both thoroughly entertained and there were some little kids running around loving everything too. I was very surprised that the brothers were ACTUALLY THERE! One of them showed me how he made them and even let me hold one of the framed pieces when I asked how heavy it was. The only bad thing (not actually bad) was that everyone liked to talk A LOT. I'm from LA. We don't tell strangers about our daughter in law's sisters education history. But it was still interesting learning about the lives of people in the places that we are traveling through. Overall AWESOME stop on the road. Support the local economy and DO IT!!!

The Kenfield’s

At a young age, Harvey & Howard Kenfield moved to the Ogallala area from eastern Nebraska. After graduating from high school, they began working at a local manufacturing plant.

In the early 1950’s, they were both drafted into the Army and served together with the 24th Infantry Division in Korea in 1951. Receiving Honorable Discharges, they returned to their previous jobs. During hours of relaxation, they began collecting Indian Artifacts in 1953 which led them to collecting petrified wood and the “rock hobby” – the art of cutting and polishing rocks.

From 1954 through the present time, many years have been devoted to grinding and polishing rocks. Many gem and mineral shows were attended and vacations were spent hunting petrified wood in western Wyoming.

In 1976, each purchased one acre of land south of Ogallala, built homes for their families and the first Petrified Wood Gallery.

After 42 years of employment, Howard and Harvey both retired in 1980 and the Gallery was opened to the public from May through September.

In 2000, the Kenfields donated their collection to the Western Nebraska Community Foundation with the stipulation that it stay in Ogallala. At that time, the owners of the famous Front Street, built an addition to the Front Street structure to house the Petrified Wood Gallery….the collection had found a new home. Over the years, additions were made to the collection and in spring of 2011, the Gallery moved to a larger facility across the street, 418 East 1st Street.